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December 3, 2022

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Stories are a relatively new way to share experiences in photos and videos on the Instagram social network. The main feature is the fragility of publications - they are automatically removed from public access after 24 hours. In particular, today, we will look at what methods exist for preserving previously published stories.
Saving a story on Instagram
Stories are not just an opportunity to share temporary photos and videos but something more. For example, you can use stories to create polls, specify your location, add hashtags or links to posts, tag other users, broadcast live, and more.
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Often, users are worried about the fact that after a day, the stories disappear. Fortunately, the Instagram developers took this into account and implemented the story instagram download feature.
Method 1: Archive and smartphone memory
By default, all published stories are automatically added to the archive, which you can only view. To be sure that after the end of the day, the history will not disappear, check the activity of this function.
1. Launch the Instagram app and go to your profile page by selecting the rightmost tab in the bottom area. In the window that opens, tap on the gear icon (or with three dots for Android devices).
2. In the "Privacy and Security" block, open the "History Settings" section.
3. Check that in the "Save" section; you have activated the item "Save to archive." If you prefer that the story is automatically exported to the smartphone's memory after publication, move the slider next to the item "Save to Camera Roll" ("Save to Gallery") to the active position.
You can view the archive in the following way: select the archive icon in the upper right corner of your profile window. Right after that, you'll see all the data ever posted in Stories.
If necessary, any content from the archive can be saved to the smartphone's memory: to do this, open the story you are interested in, select the "More" button in the lower right corner, and then tap on the item "Save photo."

Method 2: Actual
The most interesting moments from the stories may not disappear from the eyes of your subscribers at all - just add them to the current one.
1. Select the story you are interested in. When it starts playing, tap on the button "Select" at the bottom of the window.
2. The history can be saved to the "Actual" folder by default. If necessary, Stories can be sorted into different categories, for example, "Vacation 2018", "Children," etc. To do this, select the button "New," enter a name for the new category, and tap on the item "Add."
3. From now on, the story will be available for viewing at any time from your profile page. Under the description, you will see the name of the previously created category. Please open it, and the marked Stories will start playing.
Keeping history with the help of our tips, you will always have access to heart-pleasing moments.
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