SoKind allows you to create gift registries that are meaningful and customized
for your celebration. After all, your favorite gifts don’t always fit in a box.

Get inspired! Scroll through the gifts ideas below and see which ones appeal to you.
Give 'em your own twist, or come up with your own! Tell us your ideas so we can share them with everyone else.
For more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our sample registries and the SoKind Pinterest boards.

Gifts of Time
and Skill

Lessons: art, cooking, language, guitar/piano/music, woodworking, knitting, canning, carpentry

Household help: organizing, cleaning, gardening, yard work, help with errands, repair work, sewing/tailoring, catering, house sitting, interior design help, landscaping/playscaping

Personal care: massage/bodywork, personal training, double-date night

Child care: babysitting, playdates, doula support hours, babyproofing, lactation consult

Pet care: dog walking, pet sitting

Career: résumé help, advice session, shadow opportunity

Family photography session

Gifts of

Entry passes/memberships: museum, local/national park, zoo/aquarium, gym/pool/rec center, climbing gym, spa/hot springs, campground, running/bike race, local CSA, rail pass, AAA

Event tickets: movie, concert, opera, play, Broadway show, comedy show, music festival, lecture series, sporting event

Classes/lessons: art, photography, cooking, sports, yoga, dance, music, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, scuba diving, fly fishing, jewelry making, letterpress, floral design, pottery, glass blowing, writing/journaling, summer camps

Adventures: skydiving, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, ziplining, whale watching, deep-sea fishing

Outdoor pursuits: rafting, horseback riding, skiing/snowboarding, rock climbing, sailing, hang gliding, caving, camping, backyard camping

Tours: winery/brewery, farm/petting zoo, berry picking, historic/cultural site, scenic railroad, local/ethnic food, birding/wildflower/naturalist

Travel: contribution toward a dream vacation, airline miles, hotel points, city tours

Gifts of

Donations to your favorite charity

Volunteer hours for a local organization

Carbon offsets



Recipe book

Baked goods

Homemade meals

Homegrown fruits and vegetables

Spice mixes

Natural cleaning supplies

Homemade blanket or quilt

Knitted or crocheted items

or New Gifts

Household tools

Camping/sports gear

Commuter bike and/or accessories

Kitchen supplies

Gently used clothing

Board games

Secondhand or wooden toys

Gift Cards/

Locally owned restaurant/bar

Local bookstore

Home improvement store

Car sharing site

Music venue

Local music store

Contribution to a child’s college fund

Contribution fund toward family
vacation trip

Day-of-Event Help

Set-up and/or clean-up crew

Wedding organizer




Day-of coordinator



Reception/Party site

Guest housing

Rehearsal dinner hosting