We want SoKind to be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial circumstance. We are a project of the nonprofit New Dream, whose mission is to empower individuals and organizations to challenge their consumption habits to improve well-being for people and the planet. SoKind serves as a key tool to help people reduce needless consumption, and, in keeping with our values, we have opted to run a site that is free from paid advertising.

That’s why SoKind uses a “Pay What You Can” system.

This works exactly like it sounds. You choose the amount you want to pay to use our registry service. Simple. This allows you to chip in to help us host the site, create cool and useful tools, and share inspiring stories—and it enables us to keep the site accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

If you’re able to contribute, know that you’re paying it forward to someone or some organization that may not have the ability to pay for their own registry. In addition to being a popular service for weddings and baby showers, SoKind is helping nonprofits, neighborhoods, teachers, caregivers, and more to share resources and create community connections—one registry at a time.

Please consider contributing an amount that works for you:

All SoKind registries include these features:

Unlimited Gift Items
No Advertising on Registries or the Site
Thank You Tracking
Personalized Announcements
Password Protection
Image Uploader
Background Design Options
Personalized URL
Thank You E-Cards
Photo Slideshow
Calendar (for scheduling gifts of time and skill)
Multiple Registries
PayPal Integration for Monetary Gifts



* Please note that while SoKind charges no fees for the PayPal feature, PayPal does charge its own fees. For more information on PayPal's fees, please see their website. For information on how to fundraise without using PayPal, please visit SoKind's FAQs.

SoKind does NOT take any percentage of any donations made to charitable organizations or of any monetary gifts on your registry.