My Ultimate Wishlist

Krystal Finch

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This registry is for the people that constantly ask me what I want every year, that's either holiday (Mother's Day, Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year's), or event (wedding anniversary [November 15th], birthday [December 22nd], etc.) oriented. It will be updated according to the year.

image for GiftRocket Gift Card
GiftRocket Gift Card

Have you ever received a gift card, and either lost it or didn't like what place the gift card was to? GiftRocket solves those problems, plus does so with less waste. The concept is amazing, and GiftRocket can be used all over the world.

Note to gifter: This is my top requested gift this year. People have told me that I'm difficult to shop for, so this gift was requested mostly for simplicity's sake. Whatever doesn't end up getting used immediately for stuff I need will be used/saved up for experiences and baubles that catch my eye. If you don't want to gift me this type of card because of the surcharges, cash or cashier's check are fine to send to me/give me in person.

Experiences I'm saving up for in no particular order after needs are taken care of:
-Azamara cruise
-Indoor skydiving
~Stillwater Floating Center
~Pampering at PURE Spa & Beauty Center or s+b Salon
-Ophedia classes
-Trips to Japan, Philippines, Bali
-Priestesses of the Moon retreat
-Ladies Night at The Village at Meridian
-Magical Marrakech retreat
-Astrotwins retreat
-Veronica Varlow's Woodstock retreats
-Advanced parkour classes
-Immersive Esperanto workshop overseas

Type of gift
Gift Card/Funds
image for Tasty Spirits
Tasty Spirits

Some of my fav gifts last year were spirits, so this gift is being requested again! Spirits are more of a treat to me than anything else, mostly enjoyed with dinner and socially. Gift me a bottle/multiple cans of moscato, moscato d'asti, gin, Pimm's, hard cider, absinthe, elderflower liquour, mead, sweet sake, sparkling wines, and sweet champagnes. If you gift me the ingredients for cosmos, margaritas, bellinis, dacquaris, sangria, and mojitos, that's cool too. These are also cool to treat me to at a restaurant/bar/pub, though you get more for your money outside of these places. I am a sucker for decently brewed craft ciders, gins, and meads, if those are your homemade specialties.

Type of gift
image for Homeschool Help
Homeschool Help

I want to make the effort to take the kids out on more field trips. The kids love going to the Boise Zoo. They have never been to the Idaho Botanical Garden, Boise Art Museum, and The Discovery Center of Idaho, but want to. Movie nights would be fun, as they rarely get to see a movie in a theatre. The kids have expressed in wanting to going to Jumptime and that one gymnastics/parkour training facility place out in Nampa. Memberships or gift cards to these would be wonderful. We also request carpool help with getting around to places like the library, especially with the weather getting colder.

Type of gift